Caddy Quick Shot Sling
Caddy "Quick Shot Sling"

• S T R E T C H E S - 60% of its length.
• Fits All Guns, Rifles & Compound Bows
• Steadies Gun Beyond Belief
• No Tapping or Swivels Required
• Shoot Fast & Accurately

Try One - Full Lifetime Guarantee - If you are not fully satisfied, your money will be cheerfully refunded. This sling works so much better than conventional leather slings you have to try one to believe it.

Carry your gun in front when hunting, always ready to shoot. Supports entire weight of gun. Upon seeing game, pull up to aim by pushing the gun ahead, because of the stretching of the sling. Works like a stabilizer.

Take the gun and put it up over your shoulder. This allows you to climb trees, rocks, drag deer, set up or take in your decoys, all hands free! If ducks are flying overhead while you are in the decoys, just reach behind, grab the gun barrel with your right or left hand (depending on the shoulder you aim on), and quickly bring the gun up to your shoulder, aim and shoot at your target.

Can be used as a Compound Bow Carrying Tote. For use as a Bow Tote, all you do is put the Sling loops over the reels so you can put it on your back and your hands are free to climb or drag. No more ropes to pull bow up to your stand.

Item# - CQSS
CADDY Quick Shot Sling

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